Vidd ŠKODA cycling team


  • Client: ŠKODA
  • Project: ŠKODA Cycling Team
  • Year: 2018-Present


Before ŠKODA started to manufacture cars, they made bicycles. It’s in their DNA, and ŠKODA are today proud sponsors of grand tours like Tour de France and Vuelta de España.


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  • Influencer Marketing
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ŠKODA cycling team

ŠKODA Cycling Team consists of 15 strong elite cyclists and 15 recruited amateurs getting a once in a lifetime opportunity to train, look and feel like a professional cyclist.

A new team of aspirational cyclists are carefully handpicked among thousands of applicants each season, with the main goal of finishing Vätternrundan in less than 8 hours. Supported from the start of the season until they cross the finish line.

Vidd ŠKODA cycling team
Vidd ŠKODA cycling team


We created a new reason to be for ŠKODA within the Cycling Community. A new concept intersecting the brand’s history and present. A new entity able to coexist with the existing. A reason to push the brand without forcing the product.

ŠKODA Cycling Team is an always on initiative, where different people with different backgrounds unite in their shared passion for road cycling.

Live like a pro, train like a pro and be treated like a pro for a full season. With a bespoke training plan by a renowned professional coach, nutrition plan, team kit, team bike, pro level equipment, lectures and meetings, we are always struck by the monumental leaps our recruits manage to take when spat out on the starting line months later.

Through earned, owned and bought media, we document and communicate their individual journeys towards the common goal, not seldom with an emotional finish with new friends for life.

Vidd ŠKODA cycling team
Vidd ŠKODA cycling team
Vidd ŠKODA cycling team


With thousands of applicants yearly (a 30% increase year-on-year), hundreds of articles in all press segments and exposure in national TV on numerous occasions, we feel safe to say that ŠKODA Cycling Team today is Sweden’s most thought-after and renowned cycling team.

Vidd ŠKODA cycling team
Vidd ŠKODA cycling team

Who we are

We believe that the future belongs to those on the move. The kind, brave and open ones who greet the new. Those are the people and companies we love to work with, pushing the society, planet and people forward.

We are Vidd. Swedish for broadness, expanse and scale. A view that never looses sight of progression. Something we think sums up how we think, work and act.


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