Funäsdalen — Year-round adventures


  • Client: Funäsdalen
  • Project: Year-round adventures
  • Year: 2021 — Present


To help more visitors discover and fall in love with Funäsdalen they turned to Vidd. We were handed a new brand platform and target group definition that we instantly felt held great potential and a clear route ahead.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Design
  • Content
  • Marketing
  • PR

The real deal

Funäsdalen is a thriving mountain village located in Härjedalen near the Norwegian border. Not known for making as much noise as other skiing resorts, this award-winning destination is well-known for its superb and challenging skiing experience.

Funäsdalen is a place stripped of what skiing has become and instead focusing on what skiing always has been. Fast food restaurants – as well as the embarrassment of witnessing grown ups table dancing to hits for kids are as rare as the concept of queues. Funäsdalen is the real deal, with less makeup and more authenticity. A place for adventurers where people know a lot more about the Musk Oxe than TikTok, and a hidden gem for serious skiers.

Funäsdalen — ski lift
Funäsdalen — Skiers

© Emrik Jansson


Position Funäsdalen as a specialist to its competitors with a clear, distinct and consistent brand voice and communication. Increase awareness and preference in the skiers’ community by emphasising the destination's unique nature. Achieve digital growth through earned, owned and paid media. Restructure the sub brands. Create a new site with better focus on the whole visiting experience. Increase digital marketing operations with the aim to accumulate better understanding of user behaviours and needs over time.

Funäsdalen — Mountainbikers

© Emrik Jansson


We simplified the brand structure and decluttered the communication channels. We separated the destination brand itself from the ski system and Hotel Funäsdalen. Inviting all business and activities on site to tap in to a new site with a holistic approach to the whole experience of visiting the village. Focusing on the distinctive aspects of authenticity, location accessibility, the local food and great adventures around every corner. A journey well underway with exciting times ahead.

Funäsdalen — Drone shot
Funäsdalen — Mountain biking

© Emrik Jansson

Who we are

We believe that the future belongs to those on the move. The kind, brave and open ones who greet the new. Those are the people and companies we love to work with, pushing the society, planet and people forward.

We are Vidd. Swedish for broadness, expanse and scale. A view that never looses sight of progression. Something we think sums up how we think, work and act.


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