Vidd — ŠKODA Hockeyfonden

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  • Client: ŠKODA
  • Project: Hockeyfonden
  • Year: 2019 — Present


Since 2011, ŠKODA Hockeyfonden have donated hockey equipment to young kids eager for fun and play on ice. In 2019, Vidd was assigned to breathe new life into this heartwarming initiative.


  • Social media Management
  • Content Management
  • Communication & PR Strategy
  • Content production
  • Activation
  • Design


ŠKODA has sponsored the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship since 1992 and was awarded a GUINNESS World Record for the “longest lasting main sponsorship of a world championship in the history of sports“. Their brand and long lived interest in the sport takes many shapes and forms – one of them being the CSR project Hockeyfonden, aiming to bring more kids on ice and enjoying one of the best sports there is.

Vidd — ŠKODA Hockeyfonden

© Vidd Agency

Vidd — ŠKODA Hockeyfonden

© Vidd Agency


How can ŠKODA Hockeyfonden inspire more families and kids to discover and explore the beautiful sport that is Ice hockey, and at the same time attract more people to their retailers?

Vidd — ŠKODA Hockeyfonden

© Vidd Agency

Solution and execution

Grassroots collaborations with ŠKODA sponsored teams and organisations, introducing Ice hockey to young enthusiasts all over Sweden. Documented and communicated.

Online and physical interviews and meet and greet with elite hockey players, discussing topics such as the importance of versatility, the power of team work and the passion for the sports.

Educational and quirky hockey quizzes on Social Media for all ages with fine prizes.

Monthly kit donations to select applicants, encouraging more parents to apply for a new kit.

Kits are delivered to and picked up at their local ŠKODA retailer to build awareness of the location and selection of where to buy your new car.

Vidd — ŠKODA Hockeyfonden

© Vidd Agency


With a 50-70% yearly increase in kit applications, a nice and steady SoMe growth, new sale leads for retailers and very happy kids all over Sweden, it clearly shows that this initiative is easy to love for many over time.

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