Vidd — Nikon #createyourlight — Photo credit Stian Norum

© Stian Norum


  • Client: Nikon
  • Project: #createyourlight
  • Year: 2020


In the initial phase of this global pandemic, Nikon needed a new way of conveying their message substituting their planned, physical events.


  • Influencer marketing
  • PR & Communication strategy support
  • Social Media support
  • Community support


The world was on hold. The privilege of travelling, exploring new places and capturing stories – things that photographers usually do – was at that moment non existent.

Ironically, for the first time in a long time, global isolation brought people all over the world closer together. And yet, it was all an individual experience.

We wanted to document the moment in history that was to shape our future, find the light in the darkness and tell these stories to the world.

Individual by individual.


Vidd — Nikon #createyourlight — Photo credit Alex Dawson

© Alex Dawson

Vidd — Nikon #createyourlight — Photo credit Norris Niman

© Norris Niman


Bring creative people together while being apart, to a place where individual stories become a unified source of inspiration.

Vidd — Nikon #createyourlight — Photo credit Norris Niman

© Norris Niman


More than 20 inspiring bi-weekly themes presented by more than 100 influencers. Millions of people reached and well over 100 000 #createyourlight contributions were published.

Vidd — Nikon #createyourlight — Photo credit Dana Cole

© Dana Cole

Vidd — Nikon #createyourlight — Photo credit Norris Niman

© Norris Niman

This Nordic campaign soon became one of the key pillars for Nikon Europe and their strategic platform, activating their community of Nikon photographers, inspiring new talents to join in.

Who we are

We believe that the future belongs to those on the move. The kind, brave and open ones who greet the new. Those are the people and companies we love to work with, pushing the society, planet and people forward.

We are Vidd. Swedish for broadness, expanse and scale. A view that never looses sight of progression. Something we think sums up how we think, work and act.


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